Si-Cal’s Functional Printing Capabilities

Si-Cal’s advanced and flexible production capacity allows us to produce many types of printed electronics, including RFID antenna (HF and UHF), sensors for medical and other applications, diagnostic test strips, electro chromic flexible displays, batteries and other power sources, e-paper, organic photovoltaics, flexible lighting circuits, smart labels.

This wide range in capabilities comes from our on-going efforts to add and improve our production capacity and our manufacturing processes.  In recent years we have added new presses specifically for printed electronic applications, and we currently have more than a dozen roll-to-roll web screen presses, and two state of the art German large format presses, with extensive ink drying capability.

The flexible nature of our equipment and processes, combined with the experience of our staff makes it possible for us to be the “What if” resource for customers looking to improve their products by using our custom capability to develop a new design that employs a printed electronics solution.

Substrate Capability

Si-Cal can produce printed electronic components for use on many substrates, including: PVC, PE, and polycarbonate, plus coated and uncoated paper, silicone, and ITO sputtered films.

We also produce flexible displays using Ntera displays, these come in many forms and are reflective, while operating with low power and voltage, providing good contrast and viewing angles, color matching and offer good shelf and operating life.

Ink Application Capability

We can make products with a wide variety of conductive and non-conductive inks, including: silver, silver/chloride, nano silver, nano chromic display inks, carbon inks for connector tabs, and resistor arrays, dielectric inks for crossovers, bridges, and multi-layers, as well as graphic inks for decoration.

Quality Control

Si-Cal is dedicated to a zero-defect manufacturing where quality is built into the product at every step of the manufacturing process. Our quality procedures include:

1.  100% Testing – All Printed Electronic images are subject to in-line conductivity and resistance specification quality checks, plus a 100% manual inspection by our inspection department before any product is shipped.

2.  We retain the prints taken at every roll change

3. Testing at 1st Article Approval

  • Dimensional verification
  • Electrical: resistance across test patterns or parts
  • Ink deposit thickness measurement
  • Adhesion test: 3M tape, cross hatch
  • Pencil harness (where applicable)

4.  Verify colors using spectrophotometer, colorimeter, MacBeth light

Custom Printed Electronic Solutions

As the use of printed electronics spreads, customers are coming up with new applications each day. Often they need to test their ideas before adapting them to full scale use.  Unlike other producers, we do not outsource any critical manufacturing process, as we have our own engineering support for product design, conductivity and resistivity testing, internal art department, screen making, ink making and printing operation.  When added to our flexible production system, these internal capabilities allow us to deliver a one-stop shopping capability that also translates into our being able to offer low volume, low cost, prototyping to clients that are looking to develop new solutions with printed electronic designs.  We can design, build, test and validate in batches of 100 – 1,000 units to meet your specs and prove the effectiveness of using a printed electronic solution from Si-Cal before you make a significant investment.

Call Si-Cal when you need consistently high performing Functional Electronics.