Functional Printing Applications with Si-Cal
Our materials technology and manufacturing process have advanced to the point today where we can make electronic sensors, displays, electrodes and many other components in almost any flexible, curved, or 3-D form required for a very wide range of applications, from displays to drug delivery, medical test devices and test strips, product identification and security, and much more. Our ability is expanding every day and extends well beyond what is listed here.

Medical Devices and Healthcare

Pharmaceutical makers use Si-Cal’s functional printed electronic products for the timely delivery of medicine and pain relief drugs through the skin (transdermal drug delivery through skin patches).  Medical device makers rely on us for diagnostic test strips, EKG and EEG electrodes, and smart packaging for drug compliance.  Some medical device makers use this same capability to create printed electronic components for real-time patient monitoring devices.

Each day we talk with makers of medical diagnostic and therapeutic devices that are designing ever more advanced uses for this technology.

Electronics, Displays and Sensors

Our large format roll-to-roll capability allows us to produce reliable, flexible, thin-film batteries used with many devices, as well as electrochromic displays for packaging, magazines and many new applications.  Where long term usage is called for, we also create flexible solar power panels from organic photo voltaic (OPV) materials.  As knowledge of functional printing spreads we are increasingly seeing a call for flexible circuit components with 3-dimensional shapes.

Product Marketing

Consumer product makers rely on Si-Cal to produce smart, interactive packaging to create a more engaging customer experience and point of purchase displays.

Smart Cards, Security, Consumer products, and Customer Service

Many people will have already seen how financial service companies use our printed electronics components in ID cards to carry a variety of information.

Si-Cal’s printing capability can be applied to many types of security and service products (smart labels), such as those used for tamper-proof security, authentication of products and documents, and printing of e-tickets.

Shipping and Logistics Management

Producers, shippers and owners use Si-Cal’s RFID tags (RFID antennas and chips) to track the location of their materials, and manage the timely deliver of their goods in transit.

New Applications on the Horizon

We speak with innovative manufactures in many industries and as the understanding of what can be done with Printed flexible circuits spreads, more of them are beginning to recognize the opportunity to improve performance by converting existing applications to better solutions using printed electronics. This realization is fueling a rising tide of entirely new ideas for products that are only just now being envisioned, and will revolutionize the delivery and monitoring of products and services.

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