Functional Printing

Continuously New Solutions for
the Rapidly Evolving Functional Printing Market

The Functional Printing Revolution

For over 100 years, most electronic devices and applications worked only with rigid shapes. Technology has advanced to the point today where technology for materials, component design and manufacturing methods allow us to make low power electronic devices that can conform to irregularly shaped surfaces, even those that move such as on the human body. Whether you call this new approach to electronics printed electronics, polymer electronics, organic electronics, flexible electronics, conductive plastics, or one of the dozens of other names it is known by, this capability is significantly improving product performance and user benefits in applications from medical devices, to autos, to cell phones, to wearable technology, and many other industries.

Si-Cal’s Advantage with Printed Electronics

Some printed electronic products are made using production methods that can result in unreliable product performance in the field. But Si-Cal’s roll-to-roll screen printing process makes us one of the few producers in the country that can create comparatively thick deposition layers (some over 5 mils.) that result in tough, reliable and long-lasting products. This roll-to-roll product also gives you the ability to run your production lines at high rates, and our consistently high quality helps you avoid down time. Our modern equipment can print on both film and paper substrates (also caller carriers) using silver or carbon based functional inks, or photovoltaic inks, both cured with either our UV or thermal process.

This combination of quality, speed and reliable performance has led many companies to become Si-Cal customers and you will see our printed electronic products in many applications, including:

  • Smart logistics labels with RFID tags using our antenna inlays to help track product location and delivery status.
  • Medicine delivery patches.
  • ID and smart cards used to speed user access to transportation and financial services.
  • Stored value cards used by financial and communication service companies.
  • Tamper-proof security labeling for consumer goods.


Si-Cal: Printed Electronic Solutions Tailored to
Your Needs

Si-Cal has been serving some of the most demanding printing applications for more than 38 years and we are now a world leader in printed electronic labels, antennae and other thin film printed electronic applications. Each day we work along the forward edge of the printed electronic revolution, producing the highest quality roll to roll labels and other functional printed electronics products. Our design and production engineers work closely with each customer, tailoring solutions to meet tight specifications for precise levels of resistivity and conductivity into all of our products for consistent performance in the field.

As the use of printed electronics spreads, customers are coming up with new applications each day. Often they need to test their ideas before adapting them to full scale use. Si-Cal is your perfect partner in these situations because our screen printing process allows us to quickly produce prototype batches in small
quantities (5,000 -10,000 units) for testing at low cost.

So whether you need smart labels for logistics tags, medicine delivery patches, smart cards, or another demanding application, we can turn your specifications into a quality, high volume solution that keeps your production process running seamlessly and works reliably in the field.

Call Si-Cal when you need consistently high performing Functional Electronics.
Si-Cal is  ISO 9001:2015 certified