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Heat Transfers

Customer Success Story

World Renowned Manufacturer of Baby Products

A leading manufacturer of baby swings, high chairs, strollers, car seats and other juvenile/infant products had been using pressure sensitive labels for logo and decorative applications. Because of greater increasing concerns about product safety, the company decided to explore other methods to apply these images in an effort to find one that could not be peeled off by “busy little fingers”.

After working with a New York product design firm, the company came to Si-Cal to explore using heat transfers on their swing set products.  This was an ideal candidate for heat transfers, as the control panel housing for the product was being converted from metal to plastic.

The Outcome

“We were immediately amazed and delighted with the improved application and the resulting safety to our customers provided by Si-Cal’s heat transfers”, said VP of Product Development. “Si-Cal was extremely cooperative in working with us in product development and quickly prepared a sample roll for prototype testing”.

The company added that they felt “heat transfers have improved the appearance and quality of the company’s products and helped them merchandise their lines to the fullest”. The VP of Product Development continued, “We have used several vendors of heat transfers, but have found that none can beat Si-Cal’s commitment and responsiveness to the customer. They have also consistently provided tremendous quality and quick turnaround when necessary”. “The fact that Si-Cal formulates their own inks provides consistency and an assurance to the company that strict, non-toxic, child safe requirements are maintained.

When asked to comment on Si-Cal’s redesigned Quality Assurance Program, the company said ”though rejects have always been well within our established norms, the feeling we share with Si-Cal is that quality is now manufactured into the product, rather then poor quality product having to be inspected out. We both feel quite good about that”.

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