Heat Transfers

Frequently Asked Questions about Heat Transfers
What are heat transfer decals?

Heat transfer decals are pre-printed graphic images that are bonded to the part/substrate using heat and pressure. The image is printed on a carrier that releases the decal to the part under the heat and pressure of the hot stamping equipment typically used to apply the decals.

Why would I use Si-Cal heat transfer decals?

Si-Cal’s heat transfers offer many options at a competitive price. We specialize in detailed multicolor images that can be applied to many materials. Our process is a dry process. The typical set-up and tooling charges are relatively low and the delivery times are usually less than 3 weeks after receiving artwork.

How do I go from decals on rolls to a decorated part?

Si-Cal decals are applied with standard hot stamping equipment. A decal feeder is mounted to the hot stamp machine to insure accurate decal positioning. The decal is positioned over the part being decorated and a heated silicone pad comes down on top of the back of the carrier where the decal is located. The decal is pressed into the part with the heat and pressure and is essentially welded to the surface of the part.

What can Si-Cal decals adhere to?

Si-Cal selects each decal construction to match the substrate (part’s material). Since Si-Cal makes our own ink, we can manufacture a decal construction to adhere to a wide range of materials. We recommend a sample of the material be sent to us so we can be sure we achieve the best adhesion. Click here to learn more about Si-Cal’s Decals.

Do Si-Cal’s decals work on plastics?

Si-Cal’s decals adhere to most thermoplastics. Click here to see a list of substrates we can adhere to.

How many colors can Si-Cal print per image?

Si-Cal can print any number of colors! We can print process color images that’ll knock your socks off. We print golds and silvers, metalic foils, as well as abrasion resistant or UV protectant lacquers, glow in the dark, color change and “day-glo” (radiant) colors.

How much would Si-Cal’s decals cost?

The cost for Si-Cal decals really depend on the job. Factors affecting cost include quantity, number of colors, size of image, additional lacquers for adhesion, UV protection or abrasion resistance, and the carrier being used.  Art prep and changes are also factors affecting cost.

What image size limitations do Si-Cal decals have?

Si-Cal screen prints the images on a carrier web (release paper). Decals can be printed up to 19″ X 29″ and we can sometimes adjust image placement to accommodate odd shapes and sizes. Our decals range in sizes from tiny images (no bigger than a dime) to great big transfers on major appliances and lawn mower grass bags.

What are the environmental concerns associated with Si-Cal decals?

There are no environmental concerns. Si-Cal’s decals are pre-printed and shipped “dry”. There are no messy solvents or chemicals to deal with once we have printed the image. We operate our facility under the restrictions and guidelines set by OSHA and in most cases we exceed the standards.

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