Heat Transfers

Heat Transfer Decal Applications
 Si-Cal’s manufactured heat transfer decals can be found on many product applications, ranging from traditional uses like decals for consumer plastic products, to new uses like tracings for medical diagnostic tools. We’ve listed a variety of these below, but they represent just a small sampling.

Consumer Products
Our decals are used for decorating, labeling and instructions on toys, sporting goods, protective gear, POP displays, footwear, leather goods, and baby products.

We also make decals for consumer hard-goods, like kitchen appliances, lawn and garden products, such as lawn mowers and edge trimmers, power tools, and hand tools.

Automotive Products
We produce decals for auto dashboards, seatbelts, visors, disclaimers, auto parts, batteries, and for many other car components.

Cellular Phones
Our heat transfers are used for lenses, leather and vinyl cases, battery packs, cases and other accessories.

Computer and Electronics Products
Computer products have many letters, names and specs labeled and decaled onto their surfaces.  Our decals are used on monitors, mouse, towers, keyboards, software packaging, cables, networking hardware, and more.

Medical Equipment and Healthcare Products
All healthcare devices use some form of labeling.  Si-Cal products are used on many types of medical testing and monitoring devices, such as those used to test blood pressure and heart functions.  Pharmaceutical makers also rely on Si-Cal products to decorate and label their products.

Blood Pressure Meter

There are several newly emerging applications where heat transfer processes can be used to apply conductive materials for use in disposable medical diagnostic test components. These are flexible three dimensional shapes.

Drink and Fluid Containers
Si-Cal also manufactures decals for blow molded bottles used in drink and other fluid containers.

New Opportunities
Our WR 2000 transfer is a cost effective alternative to the gravure method ideal for shorter runs, test marketing, prototypes and “limited editions.”

Si-Cal’s experience with a wide range of materials and substrates, our ability to formulate our own ink chemistry and our thorough R&D staff make Si-Cal the perfect choice to manufacture the perfect decal construction for enhancing your product. Let us show you how Si-Cal can improve your product.

Customers Served
As we have built our capability and grown we have served a broad range of small to very large companies located in the USA, Mexico, Canada and European locations.

In the auto field, our customers have included Ford, Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen.  In consumer and household products we have worked with Mr. Coffee, Black and Decker, Little Tikes Toys, Proctor & Gamble, Graco, Newell Rubbermaid, L.R. Nelson and Toro.  Among financial services companies we have served American Express.  Our industrial customers include General Electric and Mobil. Among communications companies we work with Nokia, Motorola, Siemens Electronics and DirectTV.

Call Si-Cal when you need the most durable and attractive heat transfer labels and decorations.