Heat Transfers

Overview of Si-Cal Heat Transfer Products

Heat transfer decals, or thermal transfers as they are sometimes called, are pre-printed graphic images that are bonded to the part/substrate using heat and pressure. The image is printed on a carrier that releases the decal to the part under the heat and pressure of the hot stamping equipment used to apply the decals. The heat transfer decal is more permanent and resistant than other decorating methods.

Si-Cal manufactures heat transfer product decals and labels that are long lasting, weather resistant, and of the highest quality. We have made decals of this type for labeling and decorating purposes for almost four decades because they deliver significant advantages over labels and decals made using alternative methods.

Advantages of Si-Cal heat transfer graphics

1. Transfers multiple colors in one hit.
2. Consistent and highest quality image.
3. SI-CAL decals will adhere to a wide range of substrates and materials.
4. Accurate image transfer means less wasted parts and a better looking finished product.
5. Cost effective for product runs as small as 1000.
6. We can go from your design to delivery of finished decals in less than 3 weeks.
7. Our products work with standard hot stamp machines.
8. Our decals apply with a “non-wet”, environmentally safe transfer. You receive “dry” rolls of decals that are ready to transfer.
9. There is minimum training needed to do the actual decorating of your part.
10. We provide complete technical assistance for every stage of the process.

Although our decals and labels are most often applied to thermoplastics products, they also perform well on wood, leather, nylon, rubber, graphite, apparel and painted metal. This is because the Si-Cal process allows us to match the combination of the ink and carrier for superb adhesion on just about any material you can send us!

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